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319 Geelong Rd, Kingsville VIC 3012, Australia
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319 Geelong Rd, Kingsville VIC 3012, Australia

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At Uniting AgeWell, we take a different approach to ageing.

The AgeWell philosophy is built on the recognition that people want to grow old in their own community. To be as independent as possible and have purpose. And to be valued and make a contribution.

AgeWell recognises the different stages of the ageing process. These are reflected in the services you may choose to support your goals, while offering service continuity and peace of mind as your needs change.

Our aim is to support everyone on their individual ageing journey through choice, autonomy, flexibility and community.

The Uniting AgeWell Service Model has six elements: Connect, Being, Assist, Restore, Care and Palliate.

december, 2019

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